About Me

I am Abdullah SM Asif. I am an independent contractor, consultant and facilitator. I have expertise and experience of working in the field of Information Technology, Finance and Branding & Communication industry of Bangladesh since 2002.

I have served for a broad spectrum of organizations including First Finance Limited, Bangladesh National Research Centre (BNRC), Kento Studios Limited, Checkers Group, Interspeed Advertising Limited and WiND. I have successfully completed SDBS Project (GUI Development) for SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) and SAICNet Project for SAARC Agricultural Information Centre (SAIC).

Working alone requires responsibility, dedication and a strong will. I never stop working and I never stop learning. I always go an extra mile for every client and provide all possible support in the course of a project and afterwards. I have a proficiency in working within professional environments, yet I am always keen to expand and seek out more opportunities to help improve my abilities and develop further.

My success includes directing projects from inception to execution, strategically allocating resources and delegating tasks to achieve on-time, on-budget delivery. I can expertly manage support operations, diligently troubleshooting issues to identify root causes and prevent recurrence. I have provided support to end-users, leveraging broad-based expertise to handle problem identification, diagnosis, resolution, and escalation via various support tools. Proficient in conducting research and generating reports, I have excellent communication skills.

I am confident about meeting any challenges in my areas of expertise.